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SEATTLE — From the skyline to your road names, Love, Guaranteed showcases Seattle like it really is a character.

“Seattle’s great,” said star and comedian Damon Wayans Jr. “that has been among the best weekends that are stand-up I’ve had. Individuals laughed so very hard, I became like, ‘I’m going right right right here.’”

He stars alongside Rachael Leigh Cook into the unapologetically predictable but rom com that is joyful. She plays Susan, a lawyer, and Wayans plays Nick, who would like to sue a dating site for fraudulence after taking place 986 times and never finding love.

Cook arrived up using the tale concept after reading about a person whom sued Coors for perhaps maybe not Rocky that is using Mountain to brew alcohol. She pitched the idea to writer and Mercer Island indigenous Elizabeth Hackett, whom developed the script with writing partner Hilary Galanoy.

They brought some individual experience into the method.

“the two of us came across our husbands doing online dating sites, and in actual fact Hilary composed my dating profile for me personally,” Hackett stated.

Galanoy included, “It resolved well. We had been additionally bridesmaids in one another’s weddings.”

The film is set in Seattle and features an array of recognizable establishing shots though the scenes were shot on location in Vancouver B.C.

“so rom that is many are set in new york or bay area and I also feel just like, aside from Sleepless in Seattle, there have not actually been that lots of here,” she stated. “There’s also one thing about autumn in Seattle – really, i am lacking summer in Seattle that I’m extremely mad about right now. But autumn in Seattle is this kind of lovely period, it is prior to the rainfall actually begins and it is such an attractive time where it is nevertheless hot and you can find leaves and it’s really stunning.”

Galanoy included, “Fall in Seattle simply actually lends it self into the entire intimate vibe for the film.”

The dating website at the center associated with lawsuit – called ‘Love, Guaranteed’ – is owned by a pretentious life style specialist whom encourages a namaste life style while managing a cutthroat company. She actually is played by Heather Graham.

“we undoubtedly feel just like i have gone on religious journeys and gone on yoga retreats and tried to have enlightened, and so I can relate solely to her in particular means,” Graham stated. “I would like to end up like her for the reason that we want my own billion-dollar empire, that might be amazing. But, i do believe i am a bit that is little.”

In real rom com fashion, Susan and Nick fail at internet dating but flourish in finding romance that is unexpected.

After working together, Cook and Wayans have sense that is good of other’s talents. Therefore, just exactly just exactly exactly what dating profiles that are website they compose for every single other?

“She’s hardworking, regularly pleasant, and does not consume a great deal,” Wayans stated.

Cook countered, “(He) has a phenomenal quantity of random fascinating knowledge, many people state i am funny, and he’s vegan.”

Nodding, Wayans added, “By the real means, my sibling calls me personally ‘Snapple Facts.’ when we are available the area, we’m like, ‘Hey do you know what’ and she is like, ‘What now, Snapple Facts?'”

Enjoy, Guaranteed has become streaming on Netflix.

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